Requirement and Features
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  Pre-undergraduate education has the following distinct characteristics:

(1) National preparatory education is a special educational level of college education, which is “ a special kind of schooling to speed up the training of minority talents in our country”.

(2) National preparatory education is a transitional stage: it is different not only from high school education, but also from undergraduate education. It is a transitional educational level between them two. So there are particularities and special requirements in the fields of training objectives, curriculum, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching materials, as well as the areas of convergence.
(3)Pre-undergraduate education is non-academic education.

(4) The admitting objects are all minority senior high school graduates. The diversification of the students’ cultural backgrounds is obvious, and there are psychological characteristics different from the Han nationality students.

(5)Short Duration. The pre-undergraduate education lasts only one year.