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  To offer a stage for students who is fond of hosting , as well as selecting the excellent compere for the New Year Party . Our college held the Host contest finals at Building11,Room314 on11.14 . Meanwhile , two instructors and seniors attend as well as watch the whole competition.
  After intense preliminaries,there are 11 competitors standing out from the crowd , stepping on the final stage . The game pulled open heavy curtain in the accordion playing by No.1 player . The first part is self-introduction and talent show , the players performed the national dance , filled with deep feeling of poetry and the wonderful magic show , which shows a versatile players of one side . Then , they partner with simulated presided over the New Year Party . Improvising individual situation , News Broadcast , Clarity Party , Children’s Programs , Sports Alerts and Food Programs . Player Ma Xiangyu host the Authentic beef noodles , his passionate words led us into the gourmet tour , player No.4 Fu Fangqin’s News broadcast has the feeling of CCTV news . Their excellent performance won the applause of the audience . Competitor Ba Zhe said ,“My 12 years’dream of broadcasting and hosting did not implement in the college entrance examination , but I’m so happy that I can continue to my dream now .” Finally , seniors summarized that this host of talent compared to the last is more on a stage .
It was ended by the judges’ wonderful reviews of the game , after that they awarded the players.
                  Award for the Best Host:Fu fangqin,Ba Zhe,Su Mengjie
                  Award for the Most Graciousness:Su Wanxin,Liu Chenyin
                  Award for the Best Mirror:Kai Liman,Hen Bati
                  Award for the Best Popularity:Yang Xiaobo

                  Award for the Most Unique:Ren Youzhen,Ma Xiangyu