unforgetable tonight---Moon Festival sociable meeting among classes
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  It's on the cusp of  the Moon Festival,in order to let some students who can not
go home to find the feeling of reunite and remedy their homesick.

  Preparation college will associate the class 1 of liberal arts and natural sciences, holding
a sociable meeting on NanHu playground in 8:30pm 2013-9-18.

  On the soirée, classmates will show their national dancing one after another,dancing
and singing.there are so many abundant programs, such as enthusiastic boys and
sanguine girls of Wei nation,and some boys for guitar,PK between the two classes
and so on.

  Applause and laughter on the NanHu playground will be exciting.Well,after the programs,

we will entering a collective game activity,everybody will fit high and will have a

 positive cooperation.But we will never forget the date of 9-18 ,that is our National humiliation day.Under the leadership of the ministry,everybody  stand in silent salute for 3
minutes.we will end in 10pm,through this activity, our students will learn some
significance knowledge and also made some friends ,spending a first happy Moon
festival in college.