Debate for class two:You fight me and enjoy it
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   It was on 12th .November.2013.when class two of pre-undergraduate Education school of South-Central University for Nationalities,held a debate on School star have their Children exposed to public,whether or not ,in NO.15 Teaching Building,Au students were present. Ma Xiang yu,who is the monitor,hosted the debate. Tetragonal debates were Peng Hong ji, Zhou Yang yang,Lu Jin yin,Qian lei and Anti-side debaters were Hu Ren yu, Ran hui wen, Xiang Ling,Lu Qing zhao .First of all, both sides stated their own views themselves, and both of students explained their arguments respectively, cited specific examples to support their points. Then both sides debated with each other freely, the whole atmosphere was tense, each of them stated their views closely and did not give a way. In auusion to its social impact and meaning for life, they made a discussion. At last, after their discussion,both sides summarized for the debate. Other students applauded for the 8 debates.

  After the debate, the 8 debates were awarded for being encouraged. And the whole class elected Ran Hui Wen, Xiang Ling, Hu Ren yu and Lu Qing zhao four students to attend the debate of institute reprenting their class. This debate exercises Students’ Verbal abilities and ideation, broadens their horizons, and make them understand practical and hot news, they carry out class activities actively, vivify class atomosphere and build up classmates’ friendship. Finally, the debate concluded successfully.