Academic visit of prof. Yuqi Feng of Wuhan University
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    Prof. Yuqi Feng from Wuhan University came to College of Chemistry and Material Science for an academic visit on August. 26th. At 15:00 pm, Prof. Yuqi Feng gave a lecture titled “Sample preparation techniques based on new material and reagents”which was chaired by vice dean of our college, prof. Juncheng Hu.

    Prof. Yuqi Feng graduated from Lanzhou University and obtained his PhD degree in chemistry at Chiba University, Japan. Now he works in the College of Chemistry and Molecular Science at Wuhan University, and he has obtained the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2006. He is also the editorial board member of Analytical Chemistry and Journal of Chromatography etc. The research interest of Prof. Yang specializes includes the development of new separation materials and their applications in separation and analysis of complex systems. He has contributed to more than 200 publications in his research field.

    This lecture introduced several novel separation methods using new material and reagents, for instance, polymer monolith microextraction, magneticsolid phase extraction, microextraction based on electrospray fiber and exploration of nature products as sorbent. The lecture also outlined the new derivation methods for mass spectrometry (MS) analysis which help increase the sensitivity and accuracy of MS. At the end of lecture, Prof. Yuqi Feng answered many questions from the audience and had a warm discussion.