Academic visit of prof. pengyuan Yang of Fudan University
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    Prof. Pengyuan Yang from Fudan University came to College of Chemistry and Material Science for an academic visit on May. 10th. At 10:00 am, Prof. Pengyuan Yang gave a lecture titled “as a bridge to study the correlation between environment and health” in the colloquium chaired by prof. Xian Wang in our college.

    Prof. Pengyuan Yang is the president of China HUPO, and is the member of editorial board of Proteomics. He specializes in mass-spectrometry based technology and methodology, especially in the fields of bio-mass spectrometry, proteomics and bio-application of nano-materials, and their applications in proteomics and cancer studies. He is also the Principal Scientist for National 973 Project of “Proteomics for Disease Study” and “Microfluidics”, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Prof. Yang’s research is mainly focused on the advanced technology and methodology in mass spectrometry in order for the better understands of the changes in the liver proteome and protein glycosylation related with cancer. He has contributed to more than 150 publications.

    This lecture introduced the role of omics methodology in studying the relationship between environment and health and illustrated the proteomic change in the process of liver cancer. The lecture also outlined the acetylation and epigenetics. At the end of lecture, Prof. Pengyuan Yang answered many questions from the audience and had a warm discussion.