Yi Liu, Professor of Wuhan University, visited our College
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    On Nov. 14th, Yi Liu, Professor of Wuhan University, domestic well-known scholars, visited our college. At 10:00 am, Prof. Liu gave a seminar entitled "Functional nanomaterials biological effect of physical and chemical basis" at the college meeting room. The seminar was hosted by Prof. Jun-Cheng Hu, vice dean of our college. Parts of the college teachers and graduates attended this meeting.

    Prof. Liu obtained a B.S. degree in 1992, and a Ph.D. degree in 1997, from Wuhan University. In 1997-1999, he moved to the College of Life Science as a postdoctoral fellow. Now he is a professor and Ph. D. supervisor of the College of Chemistry and Molecule Sciences. His research was sponsored by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Prof. Liu's highly interdisciplinary research covers bio-thermochemistry, thermo-analysis, chemical of targeted drugs, nano biological effects , and the interactions of small molecules with biological macromolecules.

    In this seminar, by using a clear, clean and vivid language, Prof. Liu systematically introduced nano biological effects, the impact of quantum dots on microbial growth and metabolism (including the interactions of quantum dots with mitochondria, and the thermodynamic and dynamic of the interactions of quantum dots with proteins). The wonderful seminar attracted the interests of many teachers and students. At the end of this seminar, Prof. Liu answered questions from the audience, and had a warm discussion with them. He also introduced his research group to the audience, and encouraged our college graduates to join his team to apply for Ph. D. degrees. The seminar was ended successfully in warm applause.