South-central university for nationalities institute of marxism, is liable for the entire school undergraduate, master, doctor graduate students of public political theory class teaching and research, an independent place class teaching units.Its predecessor was founded in 1986 of uml class, and thought personal character laboratory was formed in 1999 set up social sciences, college of ideological and political education establishment in 2006, renamed in 2011 school of marxism.


The College of Education has solid disciplinary research forces. It has one national key discipline in Educational History, two provincial key disciplines in Education History and Comparative Education, a first-rank disciplinary Post-doctoral mobile station in Education, a first-rank disciplinary Doctoral Program in Education, a Sports Humanistic Sociology Doctoral Program, a first-rank disciplinary Master Program in Sports Science, and is also an experimental unit for the Doctor of Education Degree (ED.D) Program.

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