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Leaders of the School of Economics going to Huanggang for Practical Training of Students
Parent’s Meeting for freshmen of 2018 in the School of Economics Held Successfully
Practice for Progress, Practice for Truth – 2018 “Sanxiaxiang” Social Practice Oral Defense in the School of Economics Held Successfully
The Party members of the school of economics visit the education base activity in the Tong Shan community
The Academic Seminar On Targeted Poverty Alleviation And Accurate Anti-poverty In Ethnic Areas Was Held Successfully
Professor Liu Changyi, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office gives session in our school
The Learning Lecture on the Spirits of the Report to the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China had been held by the School of E
The Routine Meeting of General Youth League Branch and Student Union of Grade 2017 in School of Economics Had Been Successfully Held
School of Economics Held the Opening Ceremony and Enrollment Education Mobilization Meeting for the Freshman in the Year of 2017
Struggle Forever----to interview Liu Shiyu, the winner of the National Scholarship of the School of Economics
The western economics was listed as a provincial excellent course for sharing resources.
Our team to Win the the Third Prize of the Third Session of Hubei Province College Students Financial Knowledge Contest
The Internet Finance Leading to the Entrepreneurial Boom
The Employed Ceremony of the Visiting Professors and the Business Mentor and the Insurance Practice Innovation Team Meeting Being Held Success
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