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School Brief  

The School of Economics, originally namedDepartment of Economics and Management, was founded in 1984. The school, in 1999, was combinedwithpart of majors of Department of Finance and the former Department of Economics and Management. Now, the school, as one of the largest schools in South-Central University for Nationalities with distinctive features, has six undergraduate majors which are Economics, International Economy and Trade, Finance, Insurance, Finance Engineering and Economic Statistics. The school also has a doctoral degree program and a master degree program of Chinese Ethnic Economics, a master degree program of Theoretical Economics first-level discipline consisting of three second-level disciplinemaster degree Programs (Economics; Population, Resources and Environmental Economics; Political Economics), a first-leveldiscipline master program ofApplied Economics consisting of four second-level discipline master degree program (Industrial Economics, International Trade, Regional Economics; Finance),a master degree program of Finance and a master degree program of Rural & Regional Development.

The school has over 3000 undergraduates, 200 graduates, 102 faculties, 17 professors,39 associate professors,1 candidate of Talents Project, 2 candidates of Education Ministrys New Century Talent, 4 experts of Hubei province, 2 young and middle-aged talents of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC), and 2 prominent educators. 50 teachers have doctoral degree, 6 teachers are PhDcandidates.There are another 2 distinguished professors and 4 guest professors in the school. The school has a Joint Laboratory for R&D of Agricultural Information Technology of the SEAC and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a first Research Center for National Unity and ProgressCreation Activities in the SEAC systemand a Research Institution for China Wuling Mount Poverty Alleviation and Development co-constructed with the Poverty Alleviation Office of Hubei province.

The school always adheres to the motto of Learn Diligently, Benefit the World and People and attaches importance to teaching as the center, scientific research as the support, discipline construction as the leader, team building as the foundation, scientific management as the guarantee and accelerating development as the purpose.With the combination of Arts and Science, the penetration of Science and Engineering, the Economic support, and the development of multi-discipline, the school has been improvedthe quality and efficiency of teaching continuously. During the recent five years, the school has undertaken one major research project of the EducationMinistry, two major projects and 16 projects of the National Social Science Fund, over 70 postgraduate project at the provincial and ministerial levels. The school has also obtained 22 research awards at the provincial and ministerial levels, published 155 CSSCIpapers. The school has formed a considerable academic influence in the ethnic areas and among the similar schools in China. The school strongly develops unique teaching methods, and offers experimental classes in Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, and practices the undergraduate innovation training modes of Six One Project and the Double Tutor System. The schoolpushes the bilingual teaching and several courses areall English teaching. The school has establishedgood cooperation and communication with some universities in the United States, Canada, South Korea, including setting up foreign expert studios, hiring famous foreign professors to give classes to the undergraduates and sending outstanding undergraduates to exchange and study in foreign universities regularly. The School has signed the internship cooperation agreements with Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Horgos Government, and Xincheng Group Life Insurance corporation, andsends a large number of undergraduates for internship regularly. The school regularly invites domestic and foreign experts and corporate executives to give classes or lectures, and also invites a number of corporate executives to serve as undergraduates tutors. Among all previous undergraduates, the passing rate of CET Band 4 and Band 6 are above 90% and 40% respectively.The school has obtained the Outstanding Contribution Award for Postgraduate Workin 2014 and 2015. And the school has been rated as outstanding in the school work assessment for many years. 

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