The Annual Meeting of 2017 the China Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Studies Held in Law School
Author:王莉娟 Time:2018-01-04

The conference was held at 2:00 PM on November 11, 2017 in room 219 of SCUN law school. This conference was jointly hosted by China's Anthropology, Ethnology Research Association Professional Committee of Legal Anthropology, South-Central University for Nationalities, Key Subjects of National Law of Guizhou Academy of Social Sciences.The theme is Modernization of National Affairs Management System and Construction of National Rule of Law, 33 papers involved in national affairs management, national regional autonomy were included in the conference.Professor Wu DaHua made a summary and informed the preparation of the meeting, Professor Lei Zhenyang gave a welcome speech and introduced the basic situation of the center.



This advanced forum is characterized by distinctive features, intense academic atmosphere. More than 40 experts and scholars participated in the seminar to discuss the new features, missions and developments of the legal anthropology of the new era.




This workshop is rich in content, 15 experts and scholars made reports involved in national affairs governance under the rule of law, with a comprehensive, global and forward-looking.

After the comments of the reviewers, the scholars interactively discussed the questions, the atmosphere is enthusiastic, the thought collision is sufficient, which reached the purpose of the symposium.