Mr. Wan Xuebing invited to give a lecture on the report of 19th CPC National Congress
Author:王莉娟 Time:2018-01-04


On December 21,2017, we invited Mr. Wan Xuebin to law school to give us a lecture,the theme is “Understanding the Spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, Enhance our Capabilities Constantly ”.Professor Duan Xiaohong , the dean of school of law, chaired this lecture. Some teachers, postgraduates and undergraduates majored in law and intellectual property attended the lecture.


The lecture was divided into two parts,firstly to guide students to grasp the Spirit of the 19th Communist Party combining with the features of specialty of law;secondly students major in law must enhance the ability of six aspects to better devote themselves to the construction of the rule of law and peaceful China. Mr. Wan stressed that we must uphold the party's leadership to protect the interests of the people.Combining with his practical work experience,Mr. Wan analyzed the major areas and features involved in the current social contradictions,to instruct students to lay the foundation and to apply knowledge to practice to prevent and resolve social contradictions .


In this lecture, Mr. Wan brought his latest interpretation of the Spirit of the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, providing new guidance for students' learning and practice.