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News & Events
Flying Colors: 2017 Freshman Evening Party
The Bridge Between School and Family For a Better Cooperation and Education
The Opening Ceremony of Social Practice Base of Foreign Languages School, SCUN in the Village of Sha Ju
The Summer-vocation Social Activity of Foreign Language School
If You Were in Full Bloom, the Butterfly Will Follow: The Lectures on Psychological Health and Vocation Safety
Social Practice During Summer Vocation: the Survey on Wedding Customs of Tujia Ethnic Minority
Conference on Improving Party and Government Conduct Held at SFL
Faculty and Staff Congress Held at SFL
Renowned Translator Jiang Feng Gives Lectures
Wuhan Angela Trading Co. Ltd was Invited to Give Lectures at SFL
SFL Students Won Awards in 17th FLTRP Debating Contest
South Lake Cup: SFL Team Ranks 4 in Volleyball Final
SCUN Won Awards in 2013 IDEA-China Open Debate
HBTA 2013 Executive Meeting Held at SCUN
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