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SCUN Won Awards in 2013 IDEA-China Open Debate
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On May 12th, 2013, enveloped in a festive atmosphere, all the people present at Hubei University of Economics witnessed the successful ending of the 3rd IDEA International Debate Education Association (IDEA) -China Open Debate 2013 (Central China Regional Competition). Seven teams from South-Central University for Nationalities, with six for English division and one for Mandarin division, participated in the three-day tournament, who finally won two first prizes, two second prizes and three third prizes in total under the guidance of Ms. Feng Yanling, Mr. Gao Feng and Ms. Liu Xin from School of Foreign Languages, SCUN. Eighty teams from 24 universities attended this tournament, including teams from Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central-China Normal University, Hubei University of Economics, Hubei University of Technology, etc.


Before the tournament, all the contestants from SCUN received systematic training on every Monday and Thursday as scheduled, which was designed and carried out by Ms. Liu Xin, Ms. Feng Yanling, Mr. Gao Feng and Ms. Geng Xiao, who joyfully witnessed the step-by-step growth of the debate teams.


After a pre-competition training on May 10th, the tournament begun on May 11th, which was conducted in the form of British Parliamentary Debate. In each session, four teams with two debaters in each are required to participate in the debate on such issues as housing price control, the government contract for local purchase, the social welfare of drug-addicts, commutation on the basis of compensation, etc. Each debater was given 7 minutes to state their opinion.


In the tournament, with adequate preparation and great passion, confident debaters from SFL remained unruffled and took challenges calmly by their joint efforts when they faced the debate issues. After four rounds of competition, the team of Li Rongxing and Wu Yusen entered into the semifinal of Chinese division with the regional ranking of 5; the team of Wang Linghui and Luo Mengxi as well as the team of Liu Zifeng and Liu Xu entered into the semifinal of English division with regional rankings of 2 and 5 respectively. It was the first time that SCUN teams succeed in entering the semifinal of English division in IDEA.