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SFL Students Won Awards in 17th FLTRP Debating Contest
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On Oct. 20th, the 3-day Central China regional tournament of the 17th “FLTRP Cup” National English Debating Competition was ended in Shanxi University. Two students from School of Foreign Languages, SCUN, Liu Zifeng and Liu Xu, participated the competition and won the third prizes under tutorship of the SFL teachers Liu Xin and Lv Hao. Participants of the competition include debaters from over 30 universities in Central China such as Wuhan University, Shanxi University and Xiangtan University. 

Before the two students took part in the competition, a series of training work was carried out for them by teachers Liu Xin, Feng Yanling, Gao Feng and Geng Xiao. Every Monday and Thursday, the teachers took pains to train the students, which greatly improved the skills the debating team.

After the training on Oct. 18th, the competition grandly started on Oct. 19th.It was conducted in the British Parliamentary Debating Style. Four teams of two debaters participate in each British Parliamentary debate round. Each of debater made a speech of 7 minutes, which involves politics, economy, law and international relationships, etc. In the competition, the two students from SFL, CCUN were displayed their confidence and unity. With fierce five-round competition, they won the third prizes. Though failing to go further to the national final round, they said they had benefited a lot from the contest. After the competition, the teachers expressed their congratulations to the contestants, and their hope that the students would achieve more in the future. The students promised to work harder and make more achievements in the later times.