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Wuhan Angela Trading Co. Ltd was Invited to Give Lectures at SFL
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To help new students learn more about the Business English discipline, and widen the horizon of the students, Ms. Wang Siyu, Foreign Business manager of Wuhan Angela Trading Co. Ltd. gave a lecture on business English on the morning of Nov. 5 at the invitation of Prof. Zhang liyu, Dean of SFL, SCUN. Prof. Zhang Liyu and Deng Zhiyu, director of Business English Teaching Affairs Office attended the lecture.


The lecture was entitled “Demand for Business English Talents in the Job Market”. Ms. Wang Siyu illustrated two points to the students on how to be successful business talents, namely career plan and comprehensive quality of employees. Firstly, the new comers to job markets should have proper attitude to their jobs, make plan for their future career. With her own personal experience, Ms. Wang explains the role of personality in career planning. She suggested that graduates from universities may take different jobs in the first two years, so as to learn what most suitable jobs are for them. Then, Ms. Wang explains the comprehensive quality of employees from perspective of three points: skills, personal quality and personal image. She emphasized the importance of communication skills in business contact: smiles, listening respectfully, and sincere expressions are all important in business negotiation. At the end of the lecture, Ms. Wang patiently answered questions by the students. The whole lecture was given in a atmosphere of ease and pleasure.

Afterwards, Prof. Zhang Liyu drew a conclusion to the lecture, and showed her heart-felt gratitude to Ms. Wang. With thunderous applauses, the lecture came to a end.