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Dean’s welcome2013-12-05(146)
Utron Data Technology Co. Ltd. special recruitment will be held successfully2018-04-09(0)
take care of "small bean sprouts" youth volunteer activities to carry out smoothly2018-04-09(0)
the second party branch of the college of public administration was held successfully.2018-03-23(3)
the administration department signed the practice agreement with the West City Street office in Jingzhou District of Jingzhou2018-03-23(2)
improving quality and training ability-the first Party Branch of the College of Public Administration holds the General meeting of the Party Branch.2018-03-23(0)
President Wu Kaisong and his entourage went to Shanghai and Hangzhou to investigate the teaching experience of undergraduate education2018-03-23(1)
The director of the public administration college , Wu Kaisong , went to Shanghai and Hangzhou to explore the employment market2018-03-23(1)
the special activity of the second Party Branch of the undergraduate students of the Institute of Public Management to study the 19th CPC National Con2018-03-23(1)
A forum on mathematics teaching in public management discipline was held in our college.2018-03-23(0)
Our hospital holds the civil service examination for the examination guidance lecture.2018-03-23(0)
The high-level forum on the training of Chinese and German public management talents2018-03-23(0)
The Communist Youth League of Public Management College held a symposium to study and implement the spirit of the ideological and political work confe2018-03-23(0)
Human relations forum ninth2018-03-23(0)
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