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Dean’s welcome2013-12-05(123)
Create a new pattern of social service--Our teachers and students went to Xianfeng County Carry out "accurate poverty alleviation" third-party  assess2017-04-06(2)
The solemn oath entrance, solemnly promises of youth2017-04-06(1)
Series of Professor Huang Weiqiao's lectures(2nd)2016-05-26(20)
Series of Professor Huang Weiqiao’s lecture(3rd )2016-05-26(10)
Associate professor Fang Kun obtained the Ministry of Civil Affairs 2016 annual policy research topic2016-05-06(12)
The Department of labor and social security held a course construction seminar2016-05-06(11)
Our school teaching stuff members took part in the “March 8th” Tujia hand waving dance competition2016-03-28(12)
Dean Li Zi from the school of social Public Management of Chongqing Technology and Business University visited our school2016-03-28(8)
The president of “Chinese Public Administration”magazine Professor Bao Jing was invited to make the academic exchange in our school2015-12-29(20)
Professor Niu Mingshi from Duke University was invited to give a lecture in our school2015-12-29(34)
Xin Liangjie associate professor from INSTITUTE OF GEOGRAPHIC SCIENCES AND NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH made a academic report in our school2015-12-04(12)
Youth Volunteer Association “accompany flying” activity bring into a successful close.2015-12-04(13)
Fulfilling the “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”:the Labor and Social Security department launched the “thirteen five”planning seminar2015-11-13(21)
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