Labor and social security professional level 2002 alumni Back-to-school symposium
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In October 3, 2016,2002 school and social security professional 29 alumniBack to the long absence of his alma mater, reminiscent of the past, look forward to a better future. Labor and social security of the professional department rui-qin huang, an associate professor, Teachers on behalf of professor zu-qin su,Associate Professor Zhou Juan, Associate Professor Yu Ling,Vice Minister of Organization Ke Zuntao teacher attended the alumni symposium.

At the forum, Professor Huang Ruiqin on behalf of the Department of Labor and Social Security on the arrival of alumni warmly welcome,And introduced the development and achievements of the Department of Labor and Social Security in the aspects of discipline construction, teaching staff, personnel training, scientific research, academic exchange and so on. At the same time, she said, with alumni homecoming activities as an opportunity,To further strengthen communication with alumni, to promote alumni and labor and social security department of common development.

Vice Minister Ke Zuntao expressed his warm welcome to the 2002 alumni return to school,And from the individual work, the Schoolof Public Management, South China University For Nationalities the three aspects of the development of a detailed introduction. Subsequently, other teachers also successively speech, welcome alumni back to school,Recalled with alumni of the memories and the happy life, and wishes the alumni work is smooth, healthy body, a happy family.

As the labor and social security department level 2002, was one of the outstanding students,The current Guizhou Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Associate Professor Zhang DengliRecalled that the teachers have been on their education and guidance of the scene is still fresh,And is proud of the rapid development and achievements of the college in recent years,also thanks to the school and teacher training, and to the teacher greetings and wishes.

After the symposium,Alumni to the Department of Labor and Social Security teachers presented a plaque have pupils everywhere,Thanks to the training of alma mater and teachers,And look forward to meet again.