The third session of the badminton match between teachers and students
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In order to enrich the teachers and students after school life, the establishment of good teacher-student relationship, On December 11, at three o 'clock in the afternoon,The School of Public Management held the third teacher and student badminton match at our school gymnasium. Institute party committee secretary Ding Hong,Dean wu kaisong,Deputy Dean Li Haipeng, Peng Qingjun,And some teachers participate in this competition,The competition is between the teacher team and the undergraduate team.

The game uses badminton singles and doubles in the form, The game scores are very closeThe game situation nervous. No matter winning or losing, End of each game, the players all shook hands with each other between teachers and students,And then in the rest of the venue teachers and students are more happy exchange,The process of adding physical strength is also enjoyable. The excited mood and valiant struggle to match the players are sweating. Undergraduates team finally won the game with 33:28 score,After the match, the two teams took pictures as souvenirs.

The teachers and students badminton show the strong friendship between the teachers and students,The success of the event, not only to teachers and students through physical fitness to enhance the physical quality, and further strengthen the cohesion of our teachers and students.