The solemn oath entrance, solemnly promises of youth
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Honest, keep promise, this is the wisdom of the ancient sages and tradition, also is the pursuit of the core values of modern society.In order to cultivate students' sense of integrity, this year our college arranged a new student oath.

At 2:30 pm on September 21,In college ballroom,opening ceremony from School of Public management was held,The ceremony was presided over by Sun Bing, deputy party secretary of the college.

Dean Wu Kai-song first on behalf of the College made a speech, Party Secretary Ding Hong expressed the welcome and expectations of new students, while reading the appointment of the new class teacher's decision.Teacher representativeRao Yingxue made improvisation report, she warned young students, university is the temple of knowledge, it is a new starting point for the dream.

Alumni representativeLu Juquan to the majority of new students made a speech, put forward the advice, hope to learn younger brother can really learn the knowledge,Student representative tengger tells the story of his life in a few years of south-central university for nationalities and comprehension,The students gathered together, both brother-like care, but also between friends in good faith.