Create a new pattern of social service--Our teachers and students went to Xianfeng County Carry out "accurate poverty alleviation" third-party  assess
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In the December 20,Under the leadership of theDeanWu Kaisong and Deputy Dean Peng Qingjun,A line of 60 people went to Enshi Xianfeng County to carry out precision poverty alleviation of the third party assessment work.

According to the requirements of the third-party evaluation work,Our teachers and students are divided into 11 groups,Lasted five days, Conduct research and evaluation for Xianfeng County under the jurisdiction of the 11 townships and 60 villages。Through questionnaire, depth interview and other forms to carry out the research. Collect related information, data and combined with the actual visit, make objective and fair evaluation of the evaluation work,find out the existing problems, and put forward the feasible solution.

In this survey, the students feel a lot of harvest.The teacher and the students learning together,Not only understand the importance of precision poverty alleviation work, but also feel the changes in the rural society.In the process of building a well-off society in a comprehensive manner, the work of precision poverty alleviation will be the most important booster.