Our collage won the first prize in the ballad singing competition
Time:2016-05-26 Views:

    In the evening of May 4th , The first ballad Chorus Festival of our school was held in the auditorium. This competition is organized by the students of our school, Deputy Secretary of Hubei University Zheng Zhong, the Youth League Committee secretary of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Yu Qiuyan ,the teachers of the School of music and dance Jia Jia and Xia Lei serve as judges.

    During the competition,our school chorus absorb people’s attention by unique cloth and full mental state; members of the chorus with high sprit sang the “curvy moon” and “Clouds chasing the moonshows the harmonious spirit of our society, and won the first prize.

    Singing the youth, let your dream fly. The competition is so brilliant, students show their own style of youth and vitality of youth in the competition.