Series of Professor Huang Weiqiao's lectures(2nd)
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     In the morning of May 10th , 2015,professor Huang Weiqiao from Western Michigan University came to our school and made the academic forum named labor economics concentration camp” in the 15th building 816 conference room,. The meeting presided over by Professor Huang Ruiqin, Professor Hu Xinli, Professor Zhou Juan , Professor Han Junqiang as well as Professor Xiongfang and postgraduate student representatives attended the lecture.

    Professor Huang firstly introduced labor economics curriculum framework and content frame and analyzed the forefront of labor economics problems and main research area .Combined the selfish condition made the detailed elaboration about the English paper writing framework and the matters which needed pay attention to.

    In the end, Professor Huang answered the questions about employment discrimination, interdisciplinary research of public policy , experimental economics and econometrics.