innovation and entrepreneurship training
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   In the evening of January 10th ,at 19 o'clock, Institute of public administration held training of innovation and entrepreneurship in the teaching building, 15th building, 223 classroom. The training hosted by Han Junqiang ,the professor ofLabor and Social Security , students who are interested in the investigation actively participate in and they reap a lot.

Professor Han made what he is doing projects as an example, combined with professional knowledge,telling students the choosing standard of topic and the cautions,particularly emphasis on the feasibility , credibility and significance of the selection of topic, and emphasized on the importance of innovation. At the same time, do special training for the project's scientific methods and skills.

In order to improve the comprehensive quality of students,carrying out the training activities greatly evoked the students interest in scientific and technological innovation broaden the horizons of students. Hoping to exercise students' learning ability, thinking ability and academic ability through participate in the training activities, to make the adequate preparation for future.