Clear career goals, create brilliant tomorrow ---- record to our school employment experience exchange meeting 
Time:2015-12-29 Views:

   In order to further guide the public management students to establish the correct employment view and promote students' all-round development.At half past seven in the evening of December 11th , 2015,our school held the employment experience exchange meeting in 15th building 816 meeting room.This meeting organized and hosted by 12th grade counselor Hu Ying,inviting 11th grade graduate Wang Zhixiao and 12th grade President of the Student Union Di Yizhe.

   To begin with,teacher Hu Ying said that the current college graduates’ employment situation is grim, our school students and even the whole college students are generally lack of awareness of employment crisis,they hope that students will get something through the exchange meeting .Then,outstanding graduate Wang Zhixiao who has signed China Railway Group shared his mental journey from failure of postgraduate entrance examination to sign in China Railway Group with us .He told us that college students should have a positive attitude towards employment,students should adhere to goal and take action in time.Graduates should set up their career goals according to their interests,specifically looking for the corresponding post.After that,Geng Yizhe explain the announcements when making the resume.He reminded all students don't drift when they find the job,they should have a clear understanding of themselves and their employment direction.

     In this experience meeting,two seniors on the basis of their own experience make students have a further understanding of current employment situation and future occupation career direction ,making next study stage to be more planned and targeted so as to meet the unknown challenges with greater enthusiasm and confidence and forward to a bright future!