2015 English speech competition in our school bring into a successful close
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     At November 19th half past 12Am,the finals of 2015 English speech competition in our school held in 15th building 212 classroom.Professor Sun Wan and four junior students held the post as judges,the competitors who wined from the preliminary contest attended the competition.

The competition order is decided by the sortilege ,it divided into established topic speech and random topic speech.During the first part,all the competitors prepared well and show the fantastic elegant demeanour,8th competitor is in the lead and get 9.02.During the second part,because of the limited preparing time,the average performance decreased compared to the first part.8th competitor Wu Yujie got 8.42 wined the first prize,two competitors wined second prize and three competitors wined the third prize.

    In the end of the competition,competitors took a photo with judges,this competition brought into a successful end.The competition gave students a chance to show themselves,enhancing their speech ability and shows our school students young vitality.