The Department of Software Basics (DSB) undertakes a series of core courses for majors in Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network engineering and Automation, playing a very important role in the teaching and research of SCS. The courses include: Introduction to Computer Science, C Language Program designing, C++ objected-oriented programming, Database architecture, Operation system, Principle of Computer Programming, Principle and Application of Database, Computation Design and Analysis, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

The department of Software Basics has 12 teachers, with 1 professor, 2 associate professors and 9 lecturers and 2 of them are graduate tutors. This is an energetic teaching and research group of young and middle-aged scholars. They are devotedto teaching and have a good command of advanced teaching methods, which make their lectures both interesting and inspiring. They thus gain the recognition of both their peer colleagues and students and won several prizes in the annually teaching competition in SCUN. They undertake teaching and learning research projects at collegiate and provincial level. Students guided by them have got research funds supported by SCS and won various honors in the national contests and competitions for college students. The courses of Database structure and Introduction to Computer Science are graded Excellent.

Their main research areas include: Mode Identification, Computation, Virtual Reality; Distribution System, Neural Network, Information Security, etc. In recent years, they have undertaken 2 research projects supported by National Natural Science Funds of China, about 10 research projects supported by provincial funds. About 100 theses have been published in various periodicals or magazines home and abroad or presented in international and national conferences. The computer engineering application lab is the base for undergraduates to carry out their research and development of projects, and it is also an important platform for the teachers and graduates to conduct teaching and research.

Teaching Staff in DSB

Tie Jun: Male, born in 1976, PhD, associate professor, graduate tutor, the director

Wang Jiangqing: female, born in 1964, PhD, professor, graduate tutor, the Dean of SCS

Gao Zhirong: female, born in 1972, MS, associate professor

Jiang zhuorui: female, born in 1973, MS, lecturer

Zhang Yu: female, born in 1977, PhD candidate, lecturer

Wu Lifeng: female, born in 1976, MS, lecturer

Cheng Linhui: female, born in 1980, MS, lecturer

Liu Sai: male: born in 1978, PhD candidate, lecturer

Zhou Lingyun: female, born in 1979, MS, lecturer

Yin Fang: female, born in 1978, PhD candidate, lecturer

Xu Ke: male, born in 1981, PhD candidate, lecturer

   Du Xiaokun: male, born in 1980, PhD, lecturer