The discipline of Computer Application Technology of SCUN enjoys a history of 22 years. Now in this discipline there are 7 professors, 29 associate professors,one National Outstanding expert, one Cross-Century Middle-aged and Young Outstanding Scholar. It boasts its strong academic atmosphere and its united and innovative teaching group, well-structured on terms of age, professional title, academic degree and research specialties. Now it has specialized labs covering 3100 square meters with dozens of million yuan invested in its equipments and facilities, library and education. Its Computer Experiment Teaching Centre is graded as the Provincial Modal of Experiment Teaching Center. In 2008, it was graded as provincial key program.

The three main research fields of this program are: Minority Language Information Processing, Computation theory and complexity and computer network and information security. Research is centered around the intelligence simulation technology with computation theory as the foundation, the ultimate aim of which is to serve minority economy and culture. For the last 3 years, it has undertaken 39research projects, among which 6 are National Natural Science Fund projects and has got research grant of 8.9 million yuan. More than 200 academic papers have been published in authoritative periodicals and magazines such as IEEE Transactions on SMC or presented on significant international conferences, and about 110 have been collected by SCI and EI. 126 graduates have graduated from SCUN with MS in CAT and another 70 are pursuing their Master Degree.

To improve its education quality and publicity, DCA aggressively promotes international exchange and cooperation. It has established stable academic exchange and cooperation relationship with the related departments of St. Francis Xavier University, Canada and Chonbuk National University, Korea. 10 teachers of CAT have got opportunities to study or do research in prestigious universities abroad. 5 foreign experts have been accepted to do joint research projects in CAT. DCA also established a joint-graduate program of science computer with University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, USA, and three years ago graduates of this program came back to China and were popular in job market. Another group of students of this program and assigned teachers have already begun their study or teaching in USA. This international experience helps students find more channels for further study and job hunting, which is also helpful for teachers to update their professional knowledge as well as their teaching concepts and methods.

For all the achievement that it has already made, CAT will further improve the education quality of undergraduate and graduate program, focusing on both research and teaching with increasing investment in the main research areas. CAT is devoted to making greater contribution to cultivating more minority talents in technology.