Computer Application Institute

Computer Application Institute (CAI), as a collegiate research institute, was established in 1997. With the favorable conditions in human resource and advanced facilities of CCS, CAI has become a comprehensive research institute specialized in computer application, an integration of high-tech R&D, technology service and technology training. Following the guideline “survive with distinctive features, develop with innovations and seek support through contribution”, it gives priority to the combination of research with production, contributing to the local economy as well as the social development.

CAI boasts a well-structured research team consisting of experienced professors, associate professors, lecturers and engineers with young and middle-aged researchers as the backbone. All the researchers are doctoral degree or Master degree holders. Ever since its birth, it has undertaken many national and provincial technology research projects or projects supported by Ministry of Education and National Ethnic Affairs Commission. Dozens of books and hundreds of academic papers have been published. Nearly one hundred graduates and one thousand undergraduates have graduated with degrees in CAI.

The research areas of CAI include distribution database and application, multi-media technology, computer network, computer-aided teaching technology, enterprise information system, mobile terminator and mobile distribution information system, computer-supportedcoordination,information security, software and hardware coordination design technology, embedded system, etc. Now it has dozens of offices for research and various projects. The researchers have rich experience in IT industry and have made remarkable achievements in enterprise portal information solutions, HIS system for Large and Medium-sized hospitals, CRM system for enterprise and highway traffic monitoring system, ect.

With its devoted and energetic researchers and the favorable research environment and advanced facilities, CAI is confident in meeting the needs of all walks of life for computer application, including research in the pioneering development of computer, computer network plan, training in computer and its application, the R&D of various computer application software and computer controlling systems. CAI is eager to work with all walks of life and create a new future for the development of computer.

Business and Service

Customized software R&D

According to the customer’s requirement, CAI organizes its researcher and technicians to work on the development of software and finish it within the requested time. CAI is specialized in software development for enterprise application system, network site application, e-commerce and system compiling.

Consulting service

CAI provide advices to businesses or enterprises on brand marketing, promotion, service, management and production, etc, giving specific advices on every important aspect of business such as inventory management, material inventory management, accounting, planning, quality control and production. CAI helps its customers make good use of internet to optimize its all kinds of resources, improve working efficiency and seize the market. By optimizing all business resources and integrating management of an enterprise, the good use of Internet will help enterprise create added value and improve its working efficiency.

Comprehensive Solution Strategy

Distributed computer intelligence monitoring system

Computer network building engineering

Trade Information Management System

Internet/Intranet management system

Highway Toll system and technology specification designing

Single Chip computer intelligence monitor development

E-business Solution

Software and Information Service Outsourcing

   Training and Education