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College of Computer Science (CCS) of South-Central University for Nationalities boasts its outstanding teaching staff, who are intelligent and diligent in teaching and research. After years of development since 1985, it now has 92 full-time faculty, including 8 professors, 43 associate professors, and 41 lecturers, among them there are 49 PHDs. In recent 3 years, the college undertakes 16 national nature science projects and 68 provincial-level or Enterprise entrustment projects.

The college offers 7 undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Intelligent Science and Technology, Automation, Rail Traffic Signal and Control, and Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation. It also offers 2 first-level academic graduate programs in Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering, and an engineering graduate program in Computer Technology. Currently there are approximately 2400 full-time undergraduate and 128 graduate students in the college.

 The college attaches great importance to cultivating students’ creativity, good quality in science and good theoretic foundations with an aim to help students get familiar with the latest theories and development in computer science and technology, information science and technology and improve their applied research and development ability. Through the reform in teaching and learning, CCS is committed to improving students’ overall quality and especially enhancing students’ ability to solve practical problems so as for them to meet society’s demand for high-quality talents.

 With years of efforts, CCS has made great achievements in research areas such as language identification, artificial intelligent, computation, computer network, database technology, data mining, information security, digital image processing, etc. It have undertaken 6 research projects supported by National Natural Science Funds of China, 30 teaching or research projects supported by provincial funds (6 of them won the provincial awards). About 280 theses have been published, among which 110 were collected by SCI and EI.

 CCS has established friendship with universities such as St. Francis Xavier University from Canada, Chonbuk National University from Korea, the University of Newcastle, Australia for long-term academic exchange and cooperation. It co-runs graduate program in software engineering with the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, USA. Following the guideline of “To improve the students’ quality is the core of education while teaching and research are equally important”, SCS has also made achievement in cultivating student’s overall quality, creativity and practical ability. Every year witnesses students of SCS gaining awards in National Intelligent Car Competition, National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, National English Competition for college students, ACM Program design Contest and National Computer simulation as well as provincial awards in research. The employment rate is increasing yearly and CCS graduates receive favorable comments on their ability and work performance by their employers. According to the 2008-2009 major evaluation report carried out by China Science Evaluation Research Center and published by Science Publishing house, the major of computer science and technology of SCUN ranks 67 among 554 universities who offer program in computer science and technology.

 Today, following the guidance of the motto of SCUN “Honesty, Diligence, Naturalness, Generosity”, CCS is exploiting its own advantages to the full and moving forward to make greater achievement.