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1. Software basic teaching and Research Department:

The computer public basic teaching and research department has undertaken the computer foundation and program design course of all colleges and universities to contribute to the improvement of the students' computer knowledge level and the improvement of computer operation ability.

2. Software theory teaching and Research Department:

The Department of software theory was established in October 2006, with a total of 8 people. The teaching and research department is composed of 5 associate professors and 3 lecturers, of which 5 have doctoral degrees (including 2 post doctoral). It is a reasonable, energetic and innovative teaching and research team with a professional title.

3. System structure teaching and research Department:

The teaching and Research Office of the computer system is subordinate to the Institute of computer science, which is the main base for the teaching of computer hardware related courses in our school. This department has undertaken a series of core courses for graduate students and undergraduate students in computer science, including circuit and electrical sub technology, assembly language, digital electronic technology. The principle of operation, computer composition, computer composition and architecture, computer architecture, computer interface technology, single-chip technology, multimedia technology, digital image processing, embedded technology, WINDOWS programming, etc.

4. Software engineering teaching and Research Department:

The software engineering teaching and research department is the main teaching and research base of the software engineering specialty of our hospital. It has undertaken the theoretical and practical teaching tasks of more than 20 courses, which are mainly 4 undergraduate courses of the college software engineering major, including the principle and application of the database, the object oriented analysis and design, the introduction of the software engineering, the UNIX/LINUX operating system, and the operation system of the software engineering. 13 core courses such as object-oriented programming, software process, requirement engineering, software testing, software architecture, user interface design, software tools and environment, software project management, information security and so on.

5. Teaching and Research ofnetwork engineering Department:

The network engineering teaching and research section is subordinate to the computer science institute. It is a teaching and research echelon with different title structure and academic level. Since its establishment, the teaching and research department has gradually established a teaching and scientific research work which can be engaged in computer network courses, and has a good professional quality of teachers. The teaching objects are mainly IT series students and graduate students and undergraduates who are related to computer network courses. The main courses are: high speed broadband network technology, computer network principle, interface and communication, network information security, network programming and application technology, data communication principle, computer network security, LAN engineering, computer communication, analog electronic technology, circuit and other courses.

6. Automation Teaching and Research Department:

Automation is a wide field specialty characterized by electrical automation and computer applications. It develops senior talents in the fields of system design, operation, research and management in the fields of computer control system, microcomputer software and hardware, control theory and application and management decision. The automation students study the basic knowledge of electrical and electronic, micro computer technology, control theory, information processing and so on. It has the ability of analysis, design, experiment, simulation and optimization of automatic and automatic control system. After graduation, it can be used in science and technology company, Institute of science and research, institutions of higher learning, management department, Factory and mine enterprises and other employment. Undergraduate, school system for four years, recruit science students.

7. Computer public basic teaching and Research Department:

The teaching and research section has 16 teachers, young and energetic. Among them, 8 are associate professors and lecturers, 2 have doctorate degrees, 9 are PhD candidates, and many have overseas study experience and visiting experience of key universities in China.