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College of Computer Science of South-Central University For Nationalities boasts its outstanding teaching staff, who are intelligent and diligent in teaching and research.After years of development since 1985,it now has 106 full-time faculty,including 8 professors,45 associate professors, among them there are 38 PHDs and 25 advisors. College of Computer Science offers undergraduate programs in computer science and technology, software engineering, network engineering and automation, and graduate program in computer application technology. Currently there are 2300 full-time undergraduate and 110 graduate students in College of Computer Science.
College of Computer Science has good teaching and learning environment and is equipped with advanced lab and facilities. It covers 16,000 square meters for its offices, more than 20 labs and research centers housing 800 sets of computers and other facilities, and a library housing about 60,000 books or magazines in Chinese or foreign languages.

College Of Computer Science